Monday, August 31, 2009

Apprenticeship Pinoy Real Estate Program (APREP)

Jessie, an Electrical Engineer working on a passenger Ship, at first was inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad’s principle: money working for him. He started his journey to financial freedom by seeking a Mentor in the Philippines like Larry Gamboa, author of Think Rich Pinoy.

He loves to learn from different Real Estate gurus here in the Philippines and in the United States from their books, audio books and seminars, paying almost Million of Peso. Even without entrepreneurial background, because of the passion and love his family, he acquired his first property.
First quarter of 2007, a 10-door apartment. In his first property, he learned a ton of lessons from this experience. When he was finally ready, he acquired his 2nd property for retail after a year. And in 2 years, partnering with his wife, Apple, a financial analyst, they acquired, sold, leased and hold 50 Million worth of property and done 20 Real estate deals. And became the 1st Millionaire-Couple Franchisee of Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network.

Now, as a local guru, they are ready to share this Vision: To create 1Million Pinoy Millionaires in 2020 by their Apprenticeship Pinoy Real Estate Program (APREP).

Please note: Limited enrollment - inquire immediately.

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